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Thank you for volunteering for the Steiner Stars Team. It takes over 90 volunteers to run an away meet, and over 160 to run a home meet. We could not be the best and most organized team that we are without our wonderful volunteers.

Volunteer Shifts and Sign-Up

To see a general description of the volunteer positions, click here

To see a "how to guide" for each volunteer position, click here.

Our volunteer sign ups through Swimtopia will open on Sundays, as scheduled below, at 9:00pm and will remain open for six days or until completely filled.

How to Sign Up:

Log in to Swimtopia, click on the Next Meet, “View All” link on the right hand side where you will find the meet schedule with sign up links.

Please DO NOT front load all of your shifts at the beginning of the season, as there are many parents who need to volunteer. Everyone needs equal opportunities for getting their volunteer credits, so please be mindful of that when signing up.

If at any time positions are not filled voluntarily, the Coordinators will assign people to the available positions. You should check the shift schedule every meet even if you did not sign up for a shift, as the Volunteer Coordinators have the authority to assign/un-assign parents to specific shifts or positions if necessary. If you have an unusual circumstance (e.g., single parent, gone for several meets, etc.), please get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinators via email: 

Blue Team:  [email protected].

Red Team:  [email protected].

Volunteer Requirements:

- Each family must accumulate 8 volunteer points this year

- It is your responsibility to find a replacement should you not be able to fulfill your duties, AND notify the Volunteer Coordinators of that change to ensure adequate coverage and proper assignment of credit.

- Meet set up & take down positions: to receive FULL credit, you must check out with the Head of Transport/Setup/Takedown at the end of your shift. This change was made to ensure that the set up and take down volunteers fulfill their duties, which has been an issue in the past.

If you have incorrect information in your profile, please contact the Volunteer Coordinators to get it corrected!

Finally, any family who fails to fulfill their 8 point volunteer requirement this season will not be eligible to return and swim on either Steiner Stars team, Blue or Red, for one year, next season.

Meet Absences

Please go to the Stars Website and report you or your swimmer's absence. If you know you will be gone, please let us know. The coaching staff, volunteer coordinators, and computer volunteers all depend on knowing that you and/or your swimmer will be in attendance at the meets .

Volunteer Do's at the Swim Meet

The first thing you need to do when you arrive at a meet is check-in your swimmer at their age group tent.

The second thing you need to do is check-in with the volunteer coordinators, right next to swimmer check-in.

Provide your name and assigned volunteer job. We want to ensure that you get your shift credits.

Stay until your shift is over and you have done what is required of you.

The Stars swim team strives to provide a positive swimming environment for young people, combining an emphasis on the technical, psychological, and social aspects of swimming, while supporting the broad range of individual goals and abilities of our members.

Letter from the Board

In order to facilitate our program goals it is imperative each family contribute through volunteer service. We offer numerous opportunities allowing for families to match their skills and talents with the needs of the program. Our Team Coordinators and Volunteer Coordinators will work with each family to ensure access to volunteer opportunities.

It is the responsibility of each family to obtain eight (8) volunteer points by the conclusion of the swim season. Many of our families miss a meet due to a planned or unplanned event. We encourage you to keep this in mind and to proactively communicate with your respective Volunteer Coordinator to mitigate any potential issue with fulfilling your family’s obligation to the team you are a part of.

At the conclusion of the Swim Season if your family has not met the eight (8) point minimum your family will not be granted returning swimmer status nor will you be eligible for new swimmer registration for the next year swim season.

The Executive Board of the Steiner Stars Swim Team would like to thank you all for your commitment to providing our children with the premiere youth sports program in Steiner Ranch

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