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Swim Team 101

Meets 101
Meet Day:
  • Get there early/on time. Check-in times for swimmers and volunteers will be posted for each meet. Coming late effects the entire relay team. Also, swimmers must warm up in the pool prior to the meet.
  • Swimmers and volunteers need to check in
  • Bring lots of water/Gatorade (no soda) and HEALTHY snacks. Concessions will also be available at all meets.
  • Bring something to entertain your swimmers (e.g. cards, hand-held games) when they are not competing (make sure their name is on EVERYTHING!)
  • Bring extra goggles
  • Bring Stars swim cap,extra caps
  • Bring 2 beach towels, blankets (swimmers will need towel or blanket to sit on and one to keep dry
  • Sunscreen (apply before coming to meet)
  • Warmups/heavy shirts for those cool mornings
  • Chairs for parents, blankets
  • Pack the night before

#1 Tip: HAVE FUN!!!!! 

Time Trials 101

Time Trials is a simulation of an actual meet. It allows swimmers to get a feel for how a meet is run and for coaches to get swimmers' seed times for the first actual meet. 

Divisionals 101

There are four divisions within the Northwest Swim Circuit. The Divisional Meet at the end of the year consists of the three teams in the division. To be eligible to participate in the Divisional meet, a swimmer must have swum in two previous meets during the season. They must also have an "official" time in the event they sign up for. Points are awarded through 8th place for both individual events and relays. 

Invitationals 101

This meet is truly an invitational meet and is open only to those swimmers who equal or better the qualifying standards in a NWSC dual meet or in the Divisional meet. Age group invitational qualifying times are listed on the NWSC's website. Swimmers must swim in at least two dual meets to qualify.

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